Lots of personality and is so full of love – Amanda

I would love to thank you for our beautiful blue tortoiseshell kitten.  We have named her Layla. She is fitting into our family so well and she is so well trained! And adorable to watch play.

I would highly recommend buying a Burmese from you. I have told all my friends how well she travelled on the plane flight, She was so calm and happy when we received her. Thank you so much, we have so much love for Layla 😻🥰Dianna and Rod.

Hi Suzanne, just thought I’d send you a couple of photos of Ivy. She’s a real character- a little hunter. Runs throughout the house playing hide and seek and takes much delight in finding her hidden toys, all day, sleeps all night)…with lots of personality and is so full of love. Thank you for bringing her into our lives.


Loves humans and greets all our visitors – Ian and Deanna

When Beau was delivered to our house in August 2022, he immediately started smooching us and he continues to do so.  He plays games with us – hide and seek, mock fights and chasey.  He wins them all of course and ends up cuddling us losers.  He is a brilliant parkour cat and builds his own obstacle course with boxes, a 2m cat tunnel and anything movable he finds on the floor.  He recovers from this by sleeping on us or in bed with us.  He loves humans and greets all our visitors with a leg rub and most of them also get a cuddle.  He purrs loudly and meows very quietly.  He is amazingly curious and follows us around to check on what we are doing.

He is dog-friendly and very gentle with our young grandchildren. He is the most loving, friendly and amusing pet we have ever had.

Ian and Deanna  Robertson,  April 2023

Amazing boy who loves to play – Jessica

Just over 2 years ago we bought a male we name Jiraiya, he is an amazing boy who loves to play and cuddle moving to a new house we wanted to get him a companion, so a few weeks ago we were able to bring home a beautiful cream girl we name Tsunade.  She is the most affectionate girl I’ve met both Jiraiya and Tsunade love to zoom around the house and play with each other we love both of them and can’t thank Suzanne enough for our beautiful fur babies.


Loves snuggles – Ian

Ranger is doing really well, he has the run of the house, loves snuggles, loves Cassidy ( our new baby ) and cuddles.  He is a lovely colour.


Our gorgeous red girl – Callum

Hi Suzanne,

Our gorgeous red girl is doing well so far, she has settled in really nicely and is very playful.  She loves a cuddle too which is amazing because our other 4 year old cat hates affection lol. She is such a great cat, and we are so unbelievably happy with her.  Definitely worth the 8 month’s wait!


We have had many special moments – Caroline Newman

When I suggested buying a cat but my husband said no as he is an animal lover but doesn’t want the commitment of a pet but I insisted…As with all living relationships he gave in…With intense research we thought we buy a rag doll cat as my daughter has one. However, she mentioned that her cat was very high maintenance and not suitable for our environment.  There was a balance between a pet and our current lifestyle.

We decided then on a Burmese was the right cat for us and so I contacted Suzanne, who is a well-regarded recognised breeder.  After lots of convincing with my husband, we agreed on buying a Burmese. He reluctantly gave in and collected the cat at the airport as I was working and from here there was an instant bond!

Kiarra settled and bonded with the family instantly and there was true love in the air. Now Kiarra greets my husband every night at the door, comes when we call her, has never made a mess in the house, is always near us in the house observing what we are doing, wakes my husband every night at 3 am for bonding time (he loves it) and has become such an affectionate part of the family that we could not imagine life without her.

Such a special part of the family now –  she follows us everywhere. Never regretted my decision to welcome such an addition to the family. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who may be questioning owning a Burmese, We have had many special moments.

Caroline Newman

Beautiful brown tortoiseshell kitten – Caila King

We brought a beautiful brown tortoiseshell kitten for our 3 year old daughter.  I am so surprised how well the kitten fits into the family and how much patience the cat has with our daughter. You can definitely tell the kittens have been around people before being placed in their new home. She is another ‘human’ part of our family now.

Caila King  November 2022

Our baby is beautiful – Chantrel

Thanks Suzanne, Our baby is beautiful and trying very hard to endear himself with the other two who are rewarding his perseverance at times by sitting with him. Not for long but they don’t hate the fact he’s there, so that is great. He’s very intelligent and cuddly.

My heartfelt thanks for trusting me with him. He will be very loved in this house.

Chantrel Xxx